Monday, 12 March 2012

Super Models Enter Rehab

 Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia July 2007

yeah it's old but i love it. It inspires me but i don't know why.

it reminds me heaaaaaaaps of Girl Interrupted.
speaking of Girl Interrupted; it's convinced me that i have disorders.
not joking.. i think i do.  


  1. i watched girl interrupted and the exact same thing happened to me. i felt off and weird for days after watching it. idk.

  2. gah ! one of my favourite editorials ♡

  3. wow i hadn't actually seen this before, i love it! so different, not just another studio shoot with awkward poses where the model looks like they were caught in the middle of some weird run in crazy heels. i like those too though haha.
    and wow, i feel like watching girl, interrupted now!
    taylah x

  4. these photos are really so cool and intriguing