Friday, 13 January 2012


"The money i have the ability to make, i would like, in the near future, to start some sorter foundation or charity where i can, i can help out the world in some way" - Abbey Lee Kershaw, 2010

I have said this like 1000 times but i really do wish i knew abbey. She is like me. Like everything she seems to do i enjoy doing that. i dont know how to explain it but i just wish she was my bestfriend :(

so this morning im stalking all her interviews on youtube and i came across one that i haven't ever watched before and it's old, as if i havent watched it?!?
so the quote above ^ really touched me, like i havent told you guys (i dont think) but for christmas i didn't get anything( besides and ring from my sister I LOVE IT). 
I decided i would give something instead of get something.
 so i bought gifts for 3rd world countries through world vision instead. 
 when abbey said in the interview that she would like to make a charity with the money she has and help out the world it just again reminded me of myself.. 
please let me meet you one day.

it's getting really hard being vegan now, im a little light headed how and then. and when i was in the city doing my whitehouse schoolarship when i went to get a coffee i had to pay 70c extra everywhere for soy milk -.-
anyway, to sum up. i wish abbey was my bestfriend.

when i meet her. i want to sit down and have a  latte with her, eat salmon together in a cute cafe in the city and smoke ( only because i'll be with her). 

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