Sunday, 1 January 2012

a day with Amanda

" Sometimes we love people so much that we have to be numb to it because if we actually felt how much we love them it would kill us. That doesn't make you a bad person. It just means your hearts too big" 

- Riding in Cars with Boys.
(i watched this film on new years with my friends and was flipping out when i heard this quote because i have had it on my wall on paper for 2 years and have always wanted to know where it is from and i was so happy when i heard the character say it! finally) 

Well for starters Amanda Norgaard has such a beautiful sharp face. 
i want her room, that window would be delightful (second picture)
her sister IS ADORABLE OMG! ( first,eighth, ninth picture)
those cookies are vegan cookies as she wrote on her twitter ( fifth picture)
and of course the one thing that really stood out, her friendship with Tilda Lindstam and Imogen morris clarke. There friendship is perfect like the 3 best friends doing everything together. they are always photographer together on the streets!

actually it makes me sad because my two closes friends have gone to a beach house where we all planned to go for the summer ( all fucking excited to go) and i find out by my other friend, they posted a photo of them at the holiday place on facebook on sunday. so it hurt me. because they didnt invite me and took advantage of me not having facebook at the moment to post the picture ' because i wont find out'. thanks. they were my closes friends. it was always us 3 and we were so fucking excited to go together... i feel like shit. fuck. but you know i had the best fucking new year i have ever had !!!


  1. i'm sorry that happened to you, my friends have done that to me before. i just say "fuck em". xx

  2. oh no, sorry to hear that! thats awful, glad you had a good new year

  3. know the feeling so damn well. take care love <3

  4. these pictures are annoying of your friends haha. great post though. :)