Monday, 30 January 2012

Chill out

... and flick through Yen.

i'm stuck. unsure if i want to be a stylist or and casting agent/model agent. 
and this is just another shoot that pushes me towards wanting to be a stylist.
Looking through the rest of stylist Pip Vassett's work it's so convincing. 

stylist or casting agent/model agent... help???

yesterday i got work experience with vivian's model management woo

mum took me and my best friends op shopping around everywhere local, got sooo much!

yesterday before work i went to the op shop ( near work) and i saw doc martens.. then i thought to myself that i was seeing stuff so i keep looking around then i thought i might actually go look at the shoes and then when i actually DID SEE DOC'S so girl goes to fucking grab them!!!!! I WAS SO ANGRY OMG LIKE ACTUALLY!!! gave her the wrost look ( opps) 
but i guess they were dark green and dark red.. when i really just want black. 
she was lucky -.-

i'm missing the whitehouse and i want to go back to the place now.

school starts soon.. fuck year 10 .. :(

oh i bought my formal dress for........ $10 YAY BITCHES!
it was $130 but the clip on the side, the stiching was coming off. so i will just sew it! 
it was from mossman :)

i have heaps of money in the bank from working yay!

and i think i may need the new yen # 54 mag soon. I got the new harpers bazaar in the mail the other day, i haven't read it all because im trying to organize school books and stuff :(

my next subscription is going to be yen. 

actually i really like yen.... i only have 4 yen magz! 

i feel like going to a market... hmmm yes! 

photo source//
styling// pipvassettt
photographer// mickbruzzese
model// Melissa Johannsen (MJ)
magazine// yen #54

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