Sunday, 18 December 2011

new years

Grow to atleast 5'6 
meet new people
Really push myself at school
have a best friend
a group of friends 
go on tumblr less
save up money 
have a 16th
have fun at the formal despite shit that has happened
explore places
be skinny lose 5kg
get a laptop
grow again 
feel more confident
redo room if parents finally give in
buy less magazines and more clothes
make clothes
during holidays-
make another maxi skirt and pencil case
grow again
be skinner
have a guy bestfriend
more towards charity
spend time with people
pic niks
lose weight
be skinny
be nice to parents
involve myself more in the family
go to Darwin with uncle phil
be social 
get facebook back and talk to people
wax my eyebrows like mila kunis
get work experience



  1. fucking magnificent list, i need to make one.. mreh

    certainly going to copy some of your ideas

  2. This is a great list hun, I'd put a lot of these points on mine too

  3. so many of these apply to me. far out i wish i was taller! if i could just stretch out a bit then i wouldn't have to lose as much weight ehh
    but other than that, i really do love your blog x