Wednesday, 28 December 2011


i havent been on tumblr in a yew days and im trying not to really. i might be deleting it after the new year ( probably not). It's just such a good time waster and i do nothing with my life!
  • being extremely strict to keep to my vegan diet during christmas which is shit because all i can eat is the salads. Although i have found myself alternative for meat. Eggplant on the bbq yum :)
  • Finishing the last few episodes of model scouts. which i really dont want to end at all! 
  • bowing day sales were crazy and i didn't buy anything besides a plain black maxi dress which i altered to fit me. It was on $8 so i just got it even though i spent more time on the sewwing machine then actually buying it!
  • cleaning out my room and computer

  • stalking models on twitter
  • reading through my old dairy i found in the bottom of my desk draw. funny and touching.
  • im sun burnt like a bitch
  • 6 chapters until i have finsihed reading the last hunger games novel
  • holidays are actually boring me and making it even more obvious that i have no friends 

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  1. this is the best thing i've ever read. i have been doing pretty much the exact same thing over the break. i too realize i have no friends over the holidays... or i choose not to hang out with them. hunger games is an amazing book! love your posts and i can see how tumblr is a waist of time! xx