Monday, 18 June 2012


This week has been my first ever official exams. honestly, I haven't got worked up or stressed about them. I feel a bit of pressure but i have been studying for a while and feel like i have everything covered. I had 2 exams yesterday; English and Business ( sense with dollars).
I felt confident going into the english exam and pleased with how I answered the Romeo and Juliet language passages. Although I didn't nearly finish my creative writing piece, which is worth half of the exam score. Atleast I felt I went well, it's good to feel that :)
Then.... the business exam, well... 
I really enjoyed the subject so it never bothered me to study for it so I always did that little extra. 
I understood and completed all the revision sheets and noted everything possible so I was completely prepared for the exam... 
until i get into the exam and read through the paper.... 
it was nothing NOTHING like the revision sheets NOTHING! and im don't exaggerating, other people said that too... 
So it was difficult!!! 
Most of the class went straight to our teacher and verbally abused her! 
So yep... Pretty sure I just passed that...
Today, Session One, I had my Maths exam! Maths is probably one of my favourite subjects because 
 i have the sweetest teacher :3 he is adorable and literally a human calculator! 
I'm so trilled my class ever got him as a teacher! 
It's a challenge but there is always going to be an answer unlike ugly english

I think i went well in that exam but i remembered i forgot to go back and finish a question worth 4 marks off! CRAP! and i didn't even attempt a question that was worth 11 marks, and disappointed that I didn't because everyone was telling me how to do it and was actually easier then what it looked.. 
Never minds, it's done now! 

On Friday i have my art subjects as is the reason for the chosen photos above^ 
One of the art classes focus' on photography and collage/photo montage. It's been an awesome class and very inspiring! I have learnt sooooooooooo much about Dada and Surrealism. Also heaps of inspiring Dada artists! 

These collages above are by Mason Mulholland and i forget how i came across them but i love them! 

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