Friday, 16 December 2011

marc johns

 Something about Marc John's drawings really get me annoyed. I don't really know what it is about them. they are so simple yet i feel as if there are 1000 means you can interpret and imagine from one simple drawing. That really aggregates me because it pisses me guessing what is this meant to resemble, it's like it has double meanings!
Don't get me wrong though i very much like them because of this. They are interesting and clever. 

The quote of the first drawing  'If i tell you these are mountains, will you imagine them as such'" is my favourite. the 'meaning' i grasp is sorter an eye-opener telling you to look at life differently. Things aren't always what they are seen to be. I'm not sure what the meaning marc johns intended in this piece as he has said " This has a number of meanings for me, but I'd rather not spoil it by spelling it out", which gets me thinking even more .. so aggregating again! 

The iphone cover is so cool! There are also other ones here if you want to look! If i ever get an iphone i would love to purchase this cover so it can remind myself what to aim for each day, i think that will be really nice! 

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