Monday, 12 December 2011


So most people know of Lindsey Wixson! to me she would be my type of friend from what i have seen of her. I love her face and mostly her personality.  she seems so crazy/ mad/ funny/ interesting/ stupid/ enjoyable omg i could go on for a long time... in interviews i have watched she is so fucking funny omg i love her! and i love how she is always talking about eating like which model would fess up to that! I LOVE HER! She is even funny to look at like her face is so interesting.. She is soooo different looking i reallly want her face! her mouth is the winning point for her i think!! She is so interesting i could watch her interviews for a whole day. she is soooo funnnnnnny hahahah! something about her i really can't take seriously.. 

"I celebrate by sleeping in,eating tons of food and hanging out with my friends" 
-Lindsey Wixson

photo source// various websites, twitter

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  1. I know!!! I'm SOOOOOO obsessed with her! I even had a dream about her!