Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

I love leather. It is my favourite material besides velvet. I love the work Chloe has done with Opening Ceremony. it's very quirky stuff but i would definitely wear it! i love the colour of the bikini ( below) and the look of the singlet with the skirt. And of course the leather shorts.. i have wanted leather shorts for ages now but can never find the right ones! That singlet is something i would love to have in my wardrobe but will never have because i have no money.Lets hope that will change when i start my 2 jobs soon... 
' I always like to dress to entertain. Yeah, you know, wear something unusual to distract from my face.Oldest trick in the book' 
- Chloe Sevigny.

First outfit/zip-off overall/ buy here
Second outfit/ high waisted shorts/ buy here
Third outfit/leather eyelet pinafore top/ buy here
Fourth outfit/ harness bikini/ buy here


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  2. You sure know how to find great pieces to post. These are great. Isn't Chloe the best? Especially with Opening Ceremony? So great.