Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Oh Florence

It's sometimes hard to describe something so amazing. There just isn't the right words. Well this album by Florence and the Machine is ummmm REMARKABLE (and that still isn't the right word)!! Florence has such a voice like none else and i'm sorry Adele, Florence bets your voice.. My favourite song has to be Shake it off and Never Let Me Go! please play these songs at my funeral, that says it all!

1. ‘Only If for a Night’
2. ‘Shake It Out’
3. ‘What the Water Gave Me’
4. ‘Never Let Me Go’
5. ‘Breaking Down’
6. ’Lover to Lover’
7. ’No Light, No Light’
8. ‘Seven Devils’
9. ’Heartlines’
10. ‘Spectrum’
11. ‘All This and Heaven Too’
12. ‘Leave My Body’

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