Wednesday, 16 November 2011

DIY PROJECT rag&bone

What else but to say these photos show such natural beauty beaming out of every model! Out of all the diy projects i really adore Sasha's photos the best! I think because i love *heaven* where she has taken the photos. the photo where she is sitting, in what looks like such a peaceful place, in the water (lake) has to be one of my favourite photos of her little collection!  I want to go there right now! the cave and the water looks dreamy .... And then there is miranda kerr's photos um um can i be you? and then abbeys come along well well besides the fact that her diy photos were a little different from the others which makes me really love them!! i love her apartment so much, it just seems like a place where everything looks just right messy! which is my bedroom haha! But i have a downside of abbey's photos she looks very unhealthy :( but over all LOVE these photos bliss!!!

photo source// rag and bone

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