Saturday, 19 November 2011

fell in love


 From Behati's twitter. Candice and a cute dog and the purple flower.

I think my love for her started firstly with her name, Behati! I think it is possibly the coolest name ever and i'm sure to name my kid that. There are things i love and envy about Behati! She seem so chill and cool. doesn't want to hassle or disturb anyone and i fucking love people like that!  I love how she pulls funny faces in photos rather then that serious face, she is happy :) Her and her boyfriend, James Strachan are so hot together, for some reason to ( awkward actually) something about them looks alike.. 
Behati has difference which i really admire compared to the other victoria secret angles. To me Behati is more natural and isn't so 'barbie' looking, i really love how her body is not to thin. honestly i don't think behati body compared to any other model is thin at all! Together her and Coco Rocha have a friendship that i envy so much! they do everything together and are so both such beautiful people! In my eyes they are both the 'typical' best friends! Their homemade videos are so funny to watch, so funnnny! I love how backstage at castings or runways they are both together all.the.time!!! Their trip to Port-au-Prince, Haiti was such an inspiring documentary wow! It was also such a beautiful thing to do! AND... what makes behati even more special to me .. she takes her own photography! i loveee herrr!

photo source// various sources 

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